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About FAS Solutions

Many of America’s leading companies, such as Time Warner, Google, CBS, Honeywell, Baker Hughes, Weyerhaeuser, Viacom and hundreds of others, have selected FAS Solutions, LLC (“FAS Solutions”) as their equity compensation valuation specialist. Please contact us for valuations of market-based (relative TSR) awards, options, stock, other equity and liability instruments, compensation plan design, loyalty reward programs, strategic modeling and forecasting, and any other financial quantitative analysis.

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Expert Guidance in Financial Quantitative Methods

Relative TSR Award Valuations

Let FAS Solutions help your company meet the relative TSR award modeling challenges. We stand ready with unparalleled Monte Carlo technology to help our clients.

TSR Award Design

Let FAS Solutions help your company meet the challenges of designing relative TSR awards.

ASU 2016-09

FAS Solutions is uniquely positioned to help with forecasting tax expense in light of Accounting Standards Update No. 2016-09 (“ASU 2016-09”). ASU 2016-09 eliminates the APIC pool. Now excess tax benefits and deficiencies will impact the income statement which materially increases uncertainty on the P&L related to equity compensation.