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Tracking and Forecasting

FAS Solutions provides accurate rank and projection reports to help our clients track performance quarterly or on any given date. And stay-tuned to subscribe to the FAS Solutions Relative TSR Tracker, a web-based tool for tracking the relative TSR performance of up to 30 companies.

Continuing with the fourth step in the sequence:

  1. TSR Award Design
  2. Pre-grant Valuation and Testing
  3. ASC 718 Grant Date Valuation
  4. Tracking and Forecasting

The two components of relative TSR award tracking are rankings and projections.

  • Ranking report – This provides a company with snapshots as of any given date of the TSR performance to date in percentile rank order of all the constituent companies in the peer set. Corresponding to a company’s percentile rank this report includes the implied payout if the performance period were to end on the given date. Quarterly ranking reports provide the information for diluted stock calculations. Ranking reports are also used to settle awards early over a truncated performance period or simply to communicate with award participants.
  • Projection report – This provides a company with Monte Carlo projected payouts as of any given date. I.e., these are probability-based forecasts of what will be paid out at the end of the performance period. Projection reports provide another very useful tool in communicating performance to award participants. They are forward-looking in contrast with the point-in-time ranking report.